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Boxing, King of all martial arts and one of the iconic machines of our time. Word of boxing comes inevitably to mind names such as Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather Jr . All gentlemen are living legends of their time that have been viewed with respect and upright barking at the same time. One of the most attractive features of boxing has been its personal characters. Who will fill this gap when Mayweather retires?

Nyrkkeily vedonlyönti 27.7.2019 – Maurice Hooker – Jose Ramirez

Varhain sunnuntaina 28.7. Suomen aikaa otellaan Texasissa varsin mielenkiintoinen ylemmän kevytsarjan ottelu. Kotiyleisönsä edessä nyrkkeilevä Hooker on ottanut viime aikoina hienoja päänahkoja kaatamalla mm. Mikkel LesPierren, Terry Flanaganin ja Alex Saucedon. Kaikesta huolimatta Hooker on silti altavastaaja sarjan hallitsijaa Ramirezia vastaan.

Hooker on näyttänyt viime ajat paremmalta kuin koskaan ennen urallaan. Haastekin on toki kovempi, sillä aivan sarjan huippuja vastaan mies ei ole vielä kykyjään kokeillut. Ramirez on yksi sarjan parhaista, joten todella herkullinen matsi on tiedossa.

Unibet pitää Ramirezia ansaitusti pienenä suosikkina matsiin. Mies oli kuitenkin jo lähellä tappiota helmikuussa Jose Zepedaa vastaan. Kerroin 1.73 kertoo siitä, että epävarmuutta ottelun ympärillä jälleen on. Hookerin voitosta kassa kasvaisi 2.10-kertaisesti. Jos Hooker jatkaa nähdyllä linjalla, kotiyleisöllä voi olla aihetta juhlaan.


Boxing Betting

Boxing is one of the most popular betting sites ever made. Millions of euros all over the world are beaten in the championship matches of different alliances and inevitably some happy walks in the morning after the match laughing at the bank. Typically, betting targets in the boxing box can be found in either WBA, WBC, WBO or IBF league matches. Even big European football evenings are almost always included in betting lists , so the names of Finnish bettors such as Robert Helenius, Edis Tatl and Eva Wahlström often flash on the lists of game companies.

There are many different types of betting methods with boxing like UFC. Of course, the most popular and kingdom is the traditional winning bet . However, it is advisable to play winning bets only with big draws, as the warm-up matches of boxing nights are often a clear goat meat for one of the contestants. It is advisable to bet on these matches either on the winning or the duration of the match.

There are a huge number of ways in which a match can end but there are usually three different categories of betting:

KO, TKO, DQ – That is, a fighter wins either with a knockout, a technical knockout or because an opponent is rejected due to a fault.

Decision – The winner of the match wins

Draw or Technical draw – Either the match ends in a jury or the final result of the match is considered to be the same if the judge interrupts the match because of an accidental injury.

Of course, the biggest odds can be found in a pair of draws, just like in almost every sport.

There is also an alternative to betting based on the duration of the match. You can bet a simple over / under bet on whether the match takes over or under 2.5 lots. This will result in an uneven tension in the boxing punch, as long as the underdog remains in the forefront. If this feels too easy, you can also bet which one and where, so you can gain access to even greater betting odds.

Upcoming big matches

At the moment, the NordicBet gaming company has a comprehensive list of playable boxing games. You can even bet on the winners of ’potential future matches’. Real big matches are also coming. The next major match will take place on October 28 in Wales, with an estimated 80,000 pairs of eyes, when the British runner Anthony Joshua will face Kubrat Pulev’s heavyweight championship match. The odds are currently clearly on the Joshua side, with readings barely 1.00 over. Instead, Pulev would win more than ten times his money.

After that, the next interesting struggle is between Deontay Wilder and Luiz Ortiz . Wilder is considered one of Anthony Joshua’s most challenging challenger and this match can be the last step before these two big encounters. The odds for the 5.11 Corner match are about 1.55 vs. 2.65 for Wilder

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